Custom E-Commerce Site
for Jewelers

Your Logo & Branding

Show your logo and branding throughout the site.

Set Your Own Markup

Choose the prices & markup you want to set for existing designs.

Upload Your Own Designs

Get access to a backend team to help upload your designs.

Focus on the Customer & Leave the Rest to Us!

Pre-loaded with 1500+ Customizable Designs

Select from 1500+ custom designs where customers can change gemstones, metal, and engrave. Use our interactive templates to produce customer delight!


CAD Support for Jewelry Designs

Get CAD rendering support & upload high quality designs on your website.

Jewelry Manufacturing Support

Optional access to our world-class manufacturing expertise! Custom order individual pieces at a wholesale cost per piece.

Dropshipping Made Easy!

Charge Customers Directly

Accept payments online and get the funds straight to your bank account.

We’ll Make & Ship Globally

We can manufacture & ship even custom orders globally. You don’t need to bother with inventory or logistics!

Easy Returns!

If your customer doesn’t like it, they can send it back to us within 100 days for a full refund!

One Site, Many Uses

Use as an E-Commerce Store

Let customers discover and pay you online. Accept all major cards and get the funds directly in your bank account

Use In-Store as a Catalog

Allow in-store customers to have a modern & interactive experience customizing jewelry that fits their needs.

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