Can I integrate this with my existing website?
Yes! We can integrate our custom template with your existing website. We have done that for a lot of our customers already.

Is there a minimum sign-up period or a contract period?
No. We want to make sure the website is useful to you and your customers. We charge our fees monthly and you can opt out of it whenever you want.

Are there any setup fees?
Our 30-Day Trial for $30 includes all setup fees.

Can I use this in-store on a tablet or computer?
Absolutely! A lot of our customers use this platform in store as well. You can open it up on a tablet to show customers additional designs.
Customers enjoy playing around with the customization page where they can explore different options in different gemstones and metals.

What if I don’t want any/all of the pre-loaded designs?
No problem! We pre-load 1500+ additional designs as an optional feature that you can opt out of easily. If you choose to keep some of the additional designs and not all, we can accommodate that as well!

I want manufacturing support for some designs?
Yes we do provide manufacturing support as and when you need it. We have manufacturing facilities set up and can help produce and ship the items to you. If you are interested we can send you a pricing sheet of our manufacturing costs.

Will you get the right to my designs?
No. We will set up a contract so that your designs are protected. We will only help with the tech.

I want to make several changes to the website that you have provided?
We are happy to work with all our requirements and customizations.
Some additional features or major changes will have a cost associated with it. Let us know what changes and we can work something out.

Can I integrate a Third Party Showcase?
Yes, we can provide an iframe where you can load third party content.

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